Filosofia - Organic Fashion, Boho Minimal style


NANOU COUTURE Commitment to sustainable fashion and Slow fashion philosophy,

proposes a different view of fashion concept, with comfortable natural and flattering designs, and the conviction that “each small act makes big difference”.

The Etikology line transmits naturality and a flashback to a traditional,
healthy and ethical life, through modern looks with personality .

Kimonos , cardigans and ponchos are mixed with freshand modern clothing style.

Each unique and exclusive handcrafted prints are made with natural dyes from plants and flowers, then combined with the natural tones of raw undyed cotton as offwhite , brown and green .

The creations are produced in small quantities, with organic materials in

respect of health and certified by ORGANIC COTTON COLOURS GUARANTEE, sealing that the product meets the highest quality standards requirements of the textile industry in all phases of the process of production , even from seed, achieving a sustainable and unique product,

for those who, besides quality and style garment, also seek soul and heart.